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David W. Robinson
Editor, Positive Feedback Magazine

Sound Application CF-XE Line Conditioner

Jim Weil over at Sound Application is one heckuva enthusiastic and focussed guy. When he first contacted me concerning his CF-XE Line Conditioner, I had to think about it - power accessories can sometimes be a hassle to evaluate. Despite my hesitancy, I decided to give it a try.

Boy, am I glad I did. This bloody thing is wonderful!
I plugged the Sony SCD-1 and the Audio Research Corporation Reference Two Mk. II preamp into the CF-XE - the preamp into the analog section, and the SCD-1 into the digital section.

There was an ease, a naturalness with the CF-XE , that made the entire system sound better. I noticed that I could relax with the music, and get into the details without realizing what I was doing. (A good thing!)
Jim W. is on to something terrific here; pay attention, class!
If you can afford the $4,200-$5,000 that the CF-XE will cost you, then I'd say go for it...the CF-XE is stunning.

What can I say? Iím in love! Another Ye Olde Editorís "very highest recommendation!"

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